Do you sometimes check out with a certain envy the front pages of several magazines, in which, indeed, the famous and richest look out with such a wonderful and perfect smile? Do you wish also to so gorgeous smile for yourself? Or are you ashamed of your teeth and gums, and even in society you always cover your mouth and are also suffering during eating and talking under your gum problems? Stop, this is totally unnecessary in your life. But there is help. We draw conclusions about your dental condition. In our dental office we deal constructively with the aesthetics and the aesthetic effect of gums and teeth.

Gum problems harm the aesthetics

The gum diseases are versatile. Only one thing they have in common: they act unattractive, and they are definitely interfering with your positive attitude towards life and your well-being. In most cases, the gums that are red and swollen affect the aesthetics of the smile and face on a horrible manner. Partly growths of the gums or the gums withdraws and the teeth appear long and diseased, with black spaces between them. You know the picture of yourself. All in all, the teeth appear much longer, bigger, rising high up from the jaw. It is a horrible appearance and you don’t feel pleasant and well. Of course, your teeth will not grow. The reason for this unattractive appearance is that your gums have receded. The result is an image that has nothing in common with the aesthetics of the beautiful people and smiles. Of course, gum problems can also manifest through pain that worsen your quality of life dramatically. Other phases of the diseases lead to a high tendency to bleed. The causes of diseases of the gums and the deterioration of aesthetics are versatile. A poor oral hygiene can be the trigger, but also various medications, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or physical pre-existing conditions can also lead to gum disease.

Progressive disease without treatment

The problem with gum disease, such as periodontitis, is that the disease often progress painless. You may feel that the gums recede, and your teeth are sensitive. In addition, caries can form on the necks of teeth causing you to suffer pain in the later stages. However, the greatest pressure that gum disease evokes to you is the lack of aesthetics. You simply suffer because you can no longer laugh and your teeth start to wobble at all. However, you are not helpless with regard to the gums that recede and look unhealthy. In our dental office we offer perfect aesthetic treatment options that combine oral health with the aesthetics.

Treatment options

New scientific and medical findings have led to the fact that we now have numerous treatments available. We provide after the examination of your gums and your teeth tailored solutions. The treatment provides beautify teeth and healthy gums and put back the teeth into the correct position.
If you wish, you can call the aesthetic treatment of your gums a plastic micro-surgery. Through small interventions we transplant your still healthy gums from the palate to the teeth, to form a clear picture in terms of aesthetics. We are able to heal the wounds that affect your gums. Destroyed bone we can restore with modern treatments inserting bone substitutes into the bone defects caused by the periodontal disease.
Of course we have more aesthetic treatments available. The aesthetic looks, besides improving the gums as well as the exchange of unsightly fillings, or improving slight misalignments with veneers and professional dental cleaning.
Inform yourself in a personal conversation about the possibilities and make an appointment in our dental office in periodontics in Munich.