Gentle method for a magnificent smile

Do you sometimes marvel also about how white is the appearance of the teeth of many stars? And you wonder if you could also have such a brilliant smile? The answer is a yes. The bleaching is a gentle method for whitening your teeth and gives you a new quality of life.
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Teeth become discolored

By nature our teeth already have several color variations. You may have noticed that some people have very bright white teeth, while others are showing a slight yellow tinge. These color variations are due to the tooth texture. But even naturally white teeth can become discolored over time. In our food are countless materials that are deposited gradually on the teeth and lead to drastic changes. Do you drink a lot of coffee or tea, for example? These are just examples of some of the colorants that are in drinks and foods. Some of them are difficult to remove. Also red wine and nicotine lead to discoloration. A very dramatic coloring is striking in heavy smokers. The nicotine forms on the teeth a solid layer. The normal oral hygiene affects the darkening of the teeth against it, but the fewest heavy smokers have white teeth for a brilliant smile.

Remove light stains

If your teeth are only slightly darkened, we can remove stubborn deposits by a professional dental cleaning. During the treatment, we solve the plaque deposits and tartar and polish your teeth afterwards. However, deep penetrated dyes set in the tooth substance are not possible to be removed by the professional cleaning. Even the irradiation with powder is not so efficacy for leading to white teeth. The situation is different if you are undergoing any whitening. The whitening removes even the deepest stains and paving your way to a beaming smile. During treatment we bleach the teeth in order to achieve the desired effect. Generally, there are different systems for bleaching:

  • Home bleaching – the whitening at home using rails
  • Office bleaching – the treatment takes place in our dental office by lightening agents
  • Laser teeth whitening – whitening with a laser in our dental office

If you choose the first option, we can produce on special tracks that you carry at home. The rail includes a system based on hydrogen peroxide gel which bleaches the discoloration gradually. It works similarly than like bleaching your hair. Have your teeth reached the desired brightness you want, you just simply stop the treatment easy.

The office whitening also includes a work based on hydrogen peroxide gel, which is however used in higher doses. For the treatment we first wear a cap to your gums and brush your teeth after using the bleaching solution. We activate the gel by means of a UV lamp, whereby the lightening takes place much faster. In most cases, we perform two treatments to give to you an absolutely brilliant smile. This whitening method offers the advantage that the treatment time is quite short and you are constantly under dental care. However, you should expect at least two treatments to obtain the desired brightness level. Sometimes even more than two.

The laser whitening is one of the newest and most advanced whitening methods to obtain white teeth. Our specially trained staff in laser therapy will explain you this new treatment option. The whitening with laser is considered to be very gentle. The tooth surface is not roughened and the tooth structure remains intact. In addition, in most one session is sufficient to achieve the desired result.

Do you want even whiter teeth and a brighter and perfect smile? Then make an appointment in our dental office and choose one of the whitening methods. Your Hollywood smile is waiting for you.