We can offer in our dental office in periodontics in Munich a new treatment method that improves your oral hygiene in a sustainable manner: the Full Mouth Disinfection. In particular, as supportive therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease this type of treatment is suitable to completely kill bacteria and germs. But even as a prophylactic treatment, we recommend you the complete disinfection of the oral cavity.

What is the Full Mouth Disinfection?

The full mouth disinfection is a still relatively unknown therapy in many countries of the world including Germany. As the term suggests, it is a disinfectant treatment against all negative bacteria living in the depth of the pockets. Especially in the dental plaque the bacteria are deposited in large numbers and cause damage. If you suffer already at an advanced periodontitis and periodontal pockets have formed first, the bacteria settle in these and multiply rapidly. In periodontal pockets they find ideal conditions and you as a patient have no way to reduce the number of bacteria through the oral hygiene. At this point the Full Mouth Disinfection is the right decision and the necessary treatment option.

How does the complete disinfection works?

During the treatment, we first perform a professional dental cleaning. We then disinfect your whole mouth and gum pockets. We clean deep gum pockets several times here and run the disinfection several times with special disinfection solutions. Following the treatment we prescribe special disinfection solutions that you include in your daily oral hygiene. In addition, we monitor the success of the treatment course at regular intervals.

The Full Mouth Disinfection in periodontology

Especially if you are suffering from gum diseases such as periodontal disease, the full mouth disinfection is the right choice of treatment. It can be accomplished with or without antibiotics. Then the reason for the worsening of the disease is that the bacteria aggravate the inflammation. The invasion of bad bacteria counts cause the inflammation that can spread to the jaw bone. We have found in the dental office that the thorough cleaning and the subsequent disinfection not only minimize bacterial colonization, but sustainably improved the recovery progress. However, the whole mouth cleaning is not enough to stop the periodontal disease. As a patient you need to improve your oral hygiene after treatment, so the bacteria can no longer settle in large numbers. However, since you can impossible reach periodontal pockets with common oral health devices, we prescribe you with special mouthwashes that you apply now daily.

A round feeling of cleanliness

Of course, the full mouth disinfection has a direct impact on your dental health and aesthetic appearance. Do we have the bacteria once removed; you will get a very fresh mouth feeling. The previously conducted professional tooth cleaning removes all plaque and tartar, so your teeth appear at the same time cleaner and healthier.

Get more information about Full Mouth Disinfection or make an appointment in our dental office in periodontics in Munich. The treatment is crucial for your tooth preservation even in advanced periodontitis stages and includes a lot of advantageous steps for getting an oral and body health.