Your smile – your charisma

Our goal is: to maintain the health of your teeth and gums for a perfect look. In our dental office specialized in periodontics in Munich you achieve this goal through our treatment.

The dangers of periodontal disease

Our teeth are far more than a mere tool for crushing our food. Teeth are the focus of our attention in the face, important in each smile and count automatically into an aesthetic and beautiful appearance. The importance of your teeth has increased in recent years, especially since it was revealed how important dental health has on the human body. Certainly the general interest is mainly restricted to the aesthetic aspect, but have you ever wondered what impact gum disease has on your teeth? You can never enjoy beautiful teeth if your gums and the ligaments holding the teeth are ill and you have gum disease.

Important: the dental health is closely related to the health of the gums. The gum disease known as gingivitis and periodontitis harm the retention mechanism of the roots and must be treated immediately. Through bacteria occurring in the mouth, gingivitis inevitably continuous if untreated leading to severe damage to the tooth root and the jawbone. If you already have gingivitis, it is no longer possible to isolate the bacteria through daily oral hygiene. As a result, deep gum pockets (periodontal pockets) are formed where bacteria steadily multiply. The bacteria cause deep infections that attack the tooth root and even may cause damage to the jaw bone. The next step is the destruction of the bone with loosening of your teeth. If periodontal disease is left untreated, inevitably tooth loss will occur.

Physical damage caused by gum disease

However, beyond the tooth damage periodontal diseases diseases have consequences for the whole body. The bacteria can get by inflammation in the bloodstream and cause drastic complications. Common systemic diseases in association with gum diseases are:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Rheumatism

Gum disease can cause or aggravate these diseases in your body. For that reason, our mission in our dental office in Munich is to treat your gum disease with perfect care and a durable manner, so you can enjoy your life with beautiful teeth and a wonderful health. Our many years of experience in the treatment of periodontitis are available in our dental office in periodontics in Munich, with a detailed treatment that gives you a perfect smile. Of course, we make use of the latest research and put always modern techniques that allow a painless and pleasant therapy.

Specialist in Periodontics in Munich

Our dental office in Munich has specialized in the treatment of gum diseases and in restoring your teeth to develop a wonderful smile. However, the advances in medicine are continuously increasing. Therefore, we ourselves are constantly achieving new devices and inform the patients about new treatment methods. It is always our desire to provide the best conditions for healthy teeth and healthy gums. We are working for this goal.

A dental office to feel good

However, only the professional dental treatment is not enough for us. We want you to feel pleasant and at home with us. Therefore, you already feel upon entering our dental office a relaxed atmosphere that takes you from the friendly smile of our team into the treatment rooms. Each patient is an individual, therefore, we specifically provide you with individual advice to clarify the necessary steps and help you. Should you suffer from dental fear, come and visit us. Our dental office in periodontics in Munich is located directly next to the Frauenkirche in the mere center of Munich. We are happy to greet you as a new patient and help you in your way for obtaining a healthy and beautiful smile, with healthy teeth and healthy gums.