It is not always possible to safe and retain the permanent teeth. With very severe damage to the tooth substance, it is sometimes essential to remove the affected tooth. What remains is a gap. This situation is unattractive, especially in the anterior region or in the premolar area. Now it could be possible to close the gap with a bridge. Another variant, which stands out in particular through the advantages in comparison with conventional prostheses, is the use of an implant.

What are implants?

Dentures and prosthesis are usually connected to the remaining teeth. In most cases, patients feel a simple prosthesis as unpleasant and disturbing. Implants, however, replace the extracted tooth in full. They replace the teeth at the same position as the lost teeth had before. They consist of two parts: a titanium implant which is inserted into the jawbone and a ceramic crown. The advantage of an implant in comparison with dentures is that it fully captures the role of the old tooth. Implants fused with the jawbone, forming a solid unit. The upper part of the artificial tooth crown is just as tough as the real tooth. Since titanium is used mainly for the production of an implant, there are no cross-reactions with the cells of the body and the material is easily accepted by the body.

When to use implants?

Implants are necessary when the tooth is so defective that a crown would not hold. They can also close gaps completely. Likewise, the use of an implant is advised when the position of the teeth or the gap does not allow using prosthesis. It is important that the remaining tooth structure must not be affected for an implant. If patients opt for a bridge, it must be attached to the remaining teeth. Even perfectly healthy teeth could be damaged in this way. When using an implant, however, the teeth are not affected.

Operation with short healing time

The use of implants takes place in a small operation that is performed directly in our dental office. The lower part of the implant is then inserted into the jaw bone and the wound is sutured. After the healing period, we put in a further treatment the tooth crown to the implant. The crown is fabricated in a dental laboratory and optically matched with the healthy teeth. Until the implant firmly grows, it takes a few weeks. Now the implant is fully loaded and no longer differs from its mouth feel and look of the remaining teeth.

However, some factors against the use of an implant should be noted. If the jaw bone is severely damaged or there is too little space available, it is not possible to use implants. But even for these cases we have in our dental office aesthetic solutions that will inspire you.