You know the term, but do you know what the periodontitis really is, its causes and the consequences it has? In our dental office specialized in periodontics in Munich, we cherish the view that education constitutes the first step of treatment. Therefore, we would like to, in addition to a personal consultation in our dental office, explain at this point in detail about the gum diseases periodontitis and gingivitis.

The definition of periodontitis

The periodontal disease, often called gum disease, is an inflammation of the gums and jawbone. The disease is initiated by germs, which settle in the gum, and the gum is gradually destroyed. In advanced stages, the gums are so badly damaged that the teeth lose their grip and the inflammation destroys the jawbone and the tissues surrounding the teeth. The consequences of such a dramatic progression for your teeth can be described simply: the teeth become loose and sometimes have to be removed.

An inconspicuous risk

When patients come in our dental office for periodontitis in Munich, we often become to ears the phrase that they never felt pain. This is precisely the major risk of periodontal disease. Because inflammation of the gums causes no pain. One of the first symptoms is only bleeding of the gums. This might be observed by our patients, but often ignored. Understandable, since bleeding may occur from time to time if you do not perform an optimal oral hygiene. Periodontitis can only be determined by a careful examination, which unfortunately is often too late. Therefore, we would already give you at this point the council to consult our dental office in periodontics in Munich, before you suffer from bleeding gums.

The lack of diagnosis has implications

Since the development of the gum diseases are pain-free the progression of the disease is also pain-free and implicates problems from the beginning. In most of the cases the disease is discovered simply too late. If the patients feel themselves that their teeth are loosen, the inflammation is already so far advanced that the jaw bone has drastic damage. Tooth preservation may even be for an experienced periodontist not an easy treatment. But not only the teeth but also your complete health suffer from the disease. Untreated periodontal disease increases the heart disease, diabetes and rheumatism. In addition, scientific studies have shown that periodontal disease is directly related to other diseases and health problems. It can increase the risk of stroke, leading to premature births and promote cancers. Due to all these problems you should take the regular health appointments in our dental office in periodontics in Munich and prevent the emergence and spread of gingivitis.

Good therapeutic results in early treatment

There are now numerous therapies to treat periodontal disease. The treatment consists of several points at the same time. Apart from giving you as a patient comprehensive advice on how you can improve your oral hygiene, the treatment involves a thorough cleaning of the teeth, rinsing the gum pockets and fighting inflammation. Even if the periodontitis has been transferred to the jawbone, we see an opportunity for the correction of your teeth.

Book an appointment at our dental office in periodontics in Munich. You are welcome to get a more comprehensive explanation of periodontitis, in the framework of your dental and total body health. Your teeth are important to us. You are important to us.