We mainly focus in our dental office in periodontics in Munich on diseases of the gums and on restoring the destroyed tissues by periodontitis. However, we are also able to offer you a wide range of aesthetical treatments for a radiant smile.

Broad Range of Treatments

From the prophylaxis up to aesthetic treatments – we offer a comprehensive treatment area and have huge expertise in all areas of treatment. Especially in the treatment of periodontal disease, this approach makes sense. We clean the mouth in a full mouth disinfection manner, and we treat tooth decay naturally. We also check in each appointment whether we can observe any signs of gingivitis. Of course we use in the therapies not only the most modern techniques and treatment approaches, but provide a painless and safely treatment.

Treatments of periodontal disease

Periodontitis and gingivitis are inflammations that can develop in destruction of the surrounding tissues. We adapt the therapy on the current state of your gums. As a general rule: as much treatment as necessary, as little as possible for keeping and saving the teeth. This is not a good situation then at the first point you should enjoy your life. This treatment can be completed quickly and successfully, we will inform you in detail about measures to improve oral hygiene and give you tips on the way, how do you prevent inflammation. In mild periodontitis disease, it may be sufficient that we manage the inflammation with the Full Mouth Disinfection or laser therapy. After a professional dental cleaning we disinfect your whole mouth and prescribe an oral disinfectant that you use at home. For more severe disease, please contact us for a systematic periodontal disease treatment, we will tell you on the following pages, step by step how this type of treatment functions.

An all-round brilliant smile

In our dental office for periodontal disease in Munich we provide you with a comprehensive package. Do you want whiter teeth and a bright smile, reminiscent of Hollywood? Or do you have slight misalignments? Do you think prosthesis is necessary to replace it? Possibly an implant could be necessary for your situation. The artificial tooth roots are firmly inserted into the jawbone to replace missing teeth and fused so firmly to the bone that they mimic the permanent teeth perfectly. Actually you can with us for

  • the periodontitis treatment,
  • periodontal treatment with laser,
  • Full Mouth Disinfection,
  • prophylaxis

you decide. On the aesthetic area we offer

  • Bleaching
  • Aesthetics with veneers and
  • Implants

too. Book an appointment at our dental office in periodontics in Munich and take the first step towards a bright smile. Consider: A comprehensive prevention and rapid treatment shall guarantee the preservation of teeth into old age.

We look forward to be able to offer you the way to a healthy gums and beautiful teeth with a comprehensive and targeted treatment.