Healthy teeth and healthy gums are our top priority. Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful smile full of healthy teeth and healthy gums. We offer you in our dental office in periodontics in Munich various treatment options. Beginning with the prophylaxis up to implants, prostheses and aesthetic corrections, we will assist you with our extensive knowledge and craftsmanship.

Diseases of the gums – our focus

In our dental office in periodontics in Munich, we focus on periodontal disease and its treatment. So we want to eliminate gingivitis and periodontitis sustainable and contribute to maintaining your health. Then you need to know that periodontal disease is a risk for the entire body. The possible diseases that can be produced by periodontal bacteria may include heart disease, diabetes, premature birth or even lead to strokes when they multiply in the body and cause damage. Therefore, it is important that we treat the inflammation of your gums quickly and early in our dental office in periodontics in Munich, to prevent secondary damage.

The procedure for the treatment

Hardly any other disease in the oral cavity is as diverse as the periodontitis. If tooth decay, it must be simply eliminated. But periodontal disease can be treated in different stages before causing a great amount of damage. If the gums are slightly irritated and the inflammation has not progressed, the treatment by professional tooth cleaning and full-mouth disinfection may be sufficient. We apply the so-called systematic periodontal therapy in our dental office for gum disease in Munich. The therapy is based on several steps that complement each other. The goal is to heal the inflammation and eliminate disturbing signs. We always apply the latest scientific findings and use new technologies. Of course you can check on the following pages in detail about the treatment phases. Of course we also advise you personally and promise you that we will ensure a painless treatment.

Get tooth preservation

Do you suffer from bleeding gums? At least at that moment you should contact us to let check the condition of your gums. Periodontal disease is an insidious disease that runs completely painless. You do not feel that inflammation spreads in your mouth. If you take note that your teeth do not fit each other when biting or become loose, it may already be too late. Therefore we urged you to arrange an appointment today in our dental office for periodontitis in Munich and sit back and relax. You and your teeth are the focus of our attention.