Dental visits are unpleasant. Do you feel discomfort when you walk into a dental office? Very often the fears are not justified to a possible treatment, but simply because patients do not know what to expect. We want that you leave our dental office in periodontics in Munich with a smile. We want you to know what to expect. We explain openly and with understandable words, what treatment approaches we consider the best for you. Thus, also in the treatment of periodontitis.

Modern technology combined with in-depth knowledge

Our dental office in periodontics in Munich is at the cutting edge of research. We always implement new treatment concepts and already use in the diagnosis of the disease modern programs and techniques. So we put on, for example, the diagnostic software Parostatus which gives us comprehensive information of the level of your gum disease. Following the diagnosis, we use new technologies to treat gingivitis sustainable. However, our approach pursued not just a guide. Instead, we relate all steps with the therapy and explain each step carefully. Think about what you know so far about the treatment of gingivitis? Bring the root inflammation and a root canal with periodontitis in touch? Then you already know an effect of the disease. We go further.

Education is an important approach

Knowledge not only avoids fears, knowledge can heal. We are confident that a successful periodontal treatment inevitably includes the education of the patient on terms of oral health. For this reason, our therapy begins with the anti-infection phase, also called hygiene phase. The entire area consists of the understanding of the causes of the disease process and the possible consequences. At the same time, we expect a feedback to the following treatment steps and tell you what treatment we consider. Your opinion remains always in the front. You will not feel in the dental chair delivered, but knowing what we do now to restore your dental health.

Cooperation with our patients

Of course, you learned that brushing techniques for your teeth already in childhood. But as in so many areas of life, negligence can occur, or by now and again the lack of desire. Do you check out actually always on the clock and make sure that you comply with the proposed cleaning time? Or turn your electric toothbrush between lacks of time simply before starting? But even if you always follow the instructions, it may happen that your oral hygiene is inadequate. The fault is not yours. Many toothbrushes are simply too big or inappropriate for your teeth. Therefore, we clarify you before the actual periodontal therapy on an improved oral hygiene and show you how to maintain your teeth sustainable. You will also receive a professional tooth cleaning with us. This removes plaque and tartar, but also bacteria and leads to a wonderful and healthy smile.

Only after professional tooth cleaning begins the real periodontitis treatment, which we will explain in the following pages, step by step.