What methods exist for the treatment of periodontitis? We can already say that the treatment of periodontal disease is extensive and often lengthy. In our dental office in periodontics in Munich we implement the latest treatment approaches and help you to obtain a wide and healthy smile in the future. And that: with your own teeth!

The first treatment phase

As we already told you elsewhere, we would never provide any treatment without taking you as part of the progress, techniques and approaches. We start every periodontitis treatment with a small training. You will have to smile, but learn the dental care once again. What sounds strange has a good reason: few people clean their teeth enough. That’s not even your fault as a patient because; do you really know how to use the right brush or whether you actually remove the dirty plaque from any surface? This will give you information and you will learn how oral hygiene should feel like a fresh mouth. We close the hygiene phase with a professional dental cleaning. Certainly, the professional cleaning is part of the treatment of periodontitis. Only when the tartar, the plaque and dirty deposits on the teeth are completely eliminated, we can take care of the inflammation.

The second phase – the cleaning of periodontal pockets

In general the gingivitis inflammation continues forming periodontal pockets in the gum. These pockets are not possible to be cleaned by itself constantly, because you have no way to reach the pockets. The pockets are so close to the teeth that no toothbrush can get there. In addition, the bags can reach to the roots what makes a cleaning more difficult. To give you an enjoyable treatment without pain we make the cleaning of the periodontal pockets of your mouth now with local anesthesia. Using modern equipment and with the aid of microscopes we clean the pockets and tooth root surfaces. Since the bacteria responsible for the inflammation settle in the gum pockets, you will understand why this step is so important. Because if bacteria remain in the oral cavity, the inflammation will never heal.

The third phase – antibiotics

Not necessarily we must prescribe antibiotics or antibiotic preparations to bring health into the gingival pockets. For this decision we have to check the progress and the severity of the inflammation. Do you suffer only with initial periodontal disease, you do not need antibiotics and we go directly to the next treatment step.

The fourth phase – full-mouth method

In our dental office for periodontitis in Munich, we use the so-called Full Mouth Disinfection. This form of treatment is in addition to the actual periodontal treatment and extends the traditional therapy. The full-mouth method comprises the complete disinfection of the oral cavity and gum pockets. For this we use highly concentrated disinfectant and prescribe oral antiseptics that you will use the home. After a few weeks, we now check the condition of your gums and pull, depending on the findings, further treatment steps into consideration.

The fifth phase – correction

If the inflammation continues, we must apply the surgical therapy. In this step we again clean your contaminated teeth under a local anesthetic; we also clean the gum pockets and carefully remove the gum pockets. If the inflammation already affected the bone, we can now start building therapy with bone substitutes.

Succession periodontal supportive treatment and laser therapy

After the successful treatment of periodontitis in our dental office in periodontics in Munich, we check again the condition of your gums. It is important that you are aware of the follow-up appointments. Normally, we provide the control at a frequency of three to six months.

In addition to the described treatment steps, we are pleased to offer you in our dental office for periodontitis in Munich the newest laser therapy. We use this laser in conjunction with a dye in order to disinfect your mouth. Laser therapy is also beneficial if you already have dental implants.