Is truth: even on the current state of medicine the well-known principle of “prevention is better than cure” is still the best option. This of course also applies to dentistry. In our dental office in periodontics in Munich, we offer a professional prophylaxis that protects your teeth and gums in a healthy and permanently manner.

Prophylaxis in the core of dental treatment

In our dental office in periodontics in Munich we provide you with a perfect prophylaxis based on the latest dental knowledge. How important is prevention, is reflected in the numbers of people suffering from periodontitis. Frequently it would have been possible to detect the disease at an early stage. In many cases of slight inflammation, the disease should have been eliminated, if only a sufficient prophylaxis had been carried out. We base our prevention program on the developments in universities and renowned dental offices. By means of a special program it is possible for us to check the status of your teeth and gums thoroughly. As a result, we provide an extensive prophylaxis with all this available items:

  • Detailed advice and checking the oral situation
  • Instructions for improved oral hygiene
  • Cause detection
  • Review of the plaque
  • Education about periodontal disease and its dangers
  • Professional teeth cleaning.

Of course you can get not only a professional tooth cleaning (PTC) with us, if your gums are already damaged. The treatment is available at any time and leads to an improved oral health. In addition, professional tooth cleaning can be used to eliminate slight discoloration. So you get professional treatments with one directly goal for your advantage: “Beautiful teeth”.

Professional teeth cleaning as the basis of oral hygiene

We perform a professional dental cleaning as part of the prophylaxis that is necessary for eliminating any signs of gum diseases at the very first stages. We clean your teeth, spaces between teeth and the pockets of the gums sustainable. For this purpose, we use special tools and go step by step. The teeth are cleaned up of dental plaque and light discoloration, as well as of dental calculus and other deposits. The professional cleaning of the teeth also includes:

  • fluoridation
  • crown analysis
  • elimination of colorations

In conclusion the professional teeth cleaning is a whole process in which you get a detailed consultation and you learn to improve your oral hygiene once again to get the clean feeling that leaves the long-lasting results of the professional cleaning.

Find out about the possibilities of professional tooth cleaning in person in our office or arrange an appointment quite straightforward for your personal prophylaxis.