Teeth can be damaged by many influences. Caries diseases are widespread, but also a trauma due to sports or some medicaments during pregnancy can lead to defects in the enamel substance of the teeth. If there is already severe tooth decay or defective tooth fillings, bleaching or professional teeth cleaning is no longer sufficient to restore the well-proportioned image. For this purpose, crowns are commonly used. However, in the frontal parts of the mouth crowns are not the best choice for a perfect aesthetical situation. In many dental problems, however, there is a much more effective – and easier – solution. If a front tooth is decayed by caries, has several fillings, or has some groves and defects in the enamel substance, then veneers can be used. The small ceramic cups are simply placed on the tooth.

Veneers protect the tooth substance

Veneers are small shells of ceramic that are placed using a special adhesive directly on the tooth. They offer significant advantages in dental aesthetics. Because they can be used not only for correcting small misalignments or teeth damaged by caries, they also protect the tooth substance. If crowns are used, larger areas of the tooth substance must be drilled and prepared to get the crowns. In the case of veneers, it is sufficient to roughen the surface. Since the ceramic bowls are extremely thin, it is not necessary to remove much of the healthy tooth structure. In addition, veneers can be used directly in the anterior region. The ceramic material used in the preparation is adjusted in a dental laboratory optimally to the color of the respective teeth. If several teeth are covered based on the dental aesthetics with veneers, it is also easy to make the teeth appear lighter overall. After treatment and gluing the veneers the teeth appear as new and support your goal to get a radiant smile.

Veneers have no disadvantages

In comparison with conventional crowns, veneers have hardly disadvantages. Their only drawback is that they cannot replace a complete molar. In the case of veneers, you can choose all types of forms and dental colors of the visible part of the tooth, while the actual dental colors remains hidden behind the veneers. Among other things, they are suitable for:

  • Correction of malocclusions: Not everyone is lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth for a radiant smile. Small misalignments, such as gaps or displaced teeth can obtain with veneers a significant improvement. Through the application of porcelain veneers, the teeth are optically beautiful to ensure a bright smile.
  • Correction of missing teeth: In the field of dental aesthetics it is also possible to close gaps between teeth by dental veneers. If there are gaps also as a result of periodontal disease, the ceramic shells can close the spaces and the black holes between the teeth.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Also discoloration or unsightly tooth shapes in the anterior region can be corrected with veneers.

You’ll also receive a perfect smile if you join us to experience the wonders of dental aesthetics with porcelain veneers.