Come into our dental office, you can expect a competent and committed team. At this point we would like to introduce you to our dental office team shortly.

Registration and Management

In our dental office our receptionists receive you with a smile in the reception. They are responsible for the registration of patients and takes care of the medical records. They introduces you into the necessary documents for the treatment and explains them to you. They has an open ears and presents you with a tailor-made solution. In addition, you can make new appointments.

Dental office Management

No dental office work without good management. Its main tasks are dental office management, organization and controlling our work performance. At the same time our teammates support the application and advises to the Dentists in a professional manner in the dental office issues.

Dental hygiene and prophylaxis

Our main focus is always on the restoration and preservation of the tooth and gum health. This of course does not work without an excellently structured and professional care to our patients. To get your dental health, our specialists are committed to you. They are experienced dental hygienists in prophylactic treatments, the prevention and the follow-up performed by dental treatments. They go with a high level of commitment to their work and have many years of experience. You are a patient for our dental hygienists, and you are in the best hands and get clear explanations on how to carry out the follow-up after a gum treatment independently at home.

Dental Assistant

Our teammates compensate the dentists in the missing hands. They are dental assistants with professional dedication and experience. As a mainstream in our dental office, our specialists make sure everything works and you feel as our patient in the best hands.

Billing and dental office management

The specialties of this team is accounting and everything financial related to the management of the dental office. Our collegues are always available to answer questions and advise you on any specific dental cost issues.

Professor Dr. Jose Gonzales and Dr. Marcus Engelschalk - dentists

Through our years of experience, continuous developments and our strong commitment we are pleased to be your dentists and to take care of all your dental problems. We provide our detailed CVs at a separate place.