Dentist in Munich – Our services for international patients

International patients are welcome in the dental office of Prof. Dr. Gonzales in the center of Munich. The clinic offers you a wide range of dental treatments.

Munich is located in the south of Bavaria, just in sight of the Alps. In the city you will easily notice the historical buildings, the wonderful and large parks, as well as many other attractions. It is very easy to find the dental office as it is located right in the center of the city. You can reach us by car, using the highways AB 9, AB 8, AB 95 or AB 96. You also can visit us by plane, bus or train. The airport is located close to Munich and offers you exceptional connections. During your stay, you should not miss sightseeing the castles like Neuschwanstein, the well-known Olympiapark, the Starnberger Lake. Or you might do a trip to the very near Alps. From Munich, you can also easily travel to Austria, Italy, Switzerland or France.

In our dental office, we will create an outstanding dental service just for you. We respect your international status and accept patients of all nationalities.

We are specialized in periodontal diseases like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Additionally we offer aesthetical treatments, bleaching, dental implants and a perfect prophylaxis.

If you decide to visit us, simply contact us by email of telephone. We will be happy to provide you with a full service adapted to your needs.


Prof. Dr. Gonzales in person

Prof. Dr. Gonzales is an international well known dentist. He obtained his degree in dentistry at the University in San Salvador in Central America in 1994. Two years later he obtained a research scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Association and moved to Germany to continue with his academic and scientific career.
Prof. Dr. Gonzales works since 1996 as a Scientific Assistant at the Department of Periodontology at the University of Giessen. Since 2008 he is working in the function as Oberarzt. During this time he has gained extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Periodontology. In 2005, he earned the degree “Specialist in Periodontology” from the German Academy of Periodontology (DGP). In the year 2009 he completed the “Habilitation” in dentistry and obtained the title “Privat-Dozent” (PhD) in the University of Giessen, becoming an academical staff member of the Medical Faculty. He has published several articles in the fields of periodontology and molecular biology in diverse national and international peer reviewed journals. His expertise in the field of Periodontology comprises the analysis of genetic risk factors and systemic diseases as applied to periodontitis.
He has attended and given lectures at various national and international conferences. He has won several national and international prices in different countries. One of his publications was selected for consideration for the European Prize in Periodontology, the Jaccard Prize in Geneva 2000.
At the clinical level, he gained experience in several surgical techniques as applied to periodontology and implantology, including difficult treatment modalities and extensive oral rehabilitations. In addition, he has investigated different regenerative devices in the field of periodontal regenerative therapy, and published the results in national and international clinical journals.

Prof. Dr. Gonzales has gained a huge experience in the most modern treatment modalities in Periodontology.
He has been treating patients with different forms of periodontitis ever since 1994.

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